RainBridge Studios on Social Media!

After a year of establishing and working out our kinks, we finally have something up and running! Yay! I look forward to tweeting and… What else do we have?

A LOT has been happening at RainBridge!! First of all, some people asked why we split up CoTangent and Umbrella Thoughts onto two different SoundCloud accounts and, well, it’s just easier to make things work out. Also, because of the whole RSS Feed fiasco, there are tons of things that we can’t do because they’re on the same RSS Feed, despite a different playlist. Otherwise, things would be a lot easier, if you know what I mean!!

CoTangent:  https://soundcloud.com/cotangent

Umbrella Thoughts:  https://soundcloud.com/umbrellathoughts

For your information, our happy family includes Ed, Moon, Sarah, JJ, Chris, and Tea.

For those of you who want to know more about us, just wait and more shall appear, I hope! We used to be from Qaption, but things happened and circumstances changed. So, well, that’s how it happened and we are now rebuilding, thankfully.


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