Podcasters & More Updates

We have been away and busily tinkering on our private lives, getting them ready for another year of amazing fun times with friends, family, social circles, and trying to do right by you, our viewers, and our haters. Believe me, I know you’re out there. But, our HomeTeam is getting ready to come up for the bat again. So, here’s a bit of an update about our lives as of right now in order of projects!

The CoTangent Podcasters — Ed & Tea have been busy researching, watching movies, and keeping up to dates for stuff to chat about! Ed is engulfed in the NFL Drafts as of now and Tea was, quite recently, deeply affected by the passing of Prince (RIP). And they will continue doing updates and the like, so look forward to that!

Umbrella Thoughts Podcasters — Tea & Chris have been going in depth about the powerful women in media today! There has been a conversation with Scott Gilliam with the D.A.R.E. Organization (special thanks to the Network Studios!), about the deteriorating school system in America, and, they’re currently going on about powerful women in media, from television shows to animation and will go on to films and, I know that they will pay a special tribute to their most beloved Hayao Miyazaki. That’s right, they’re digging into their love of Studio Ghlibli’s founder! Can’t wait for that!!

MV Reaction Friends — Everyone’s schedules blew up recently. Ed is doing a lot of journalism work, Tea is working on a web series, Sarah is the head photographer at her work, JJ is busy with feature stuff and making connections, Krystal is still streaming and working, and… I (your narrator/reporter) am currently figuring out my life and considering going back to school for a Master’s degree! 😀

Marley May I — Marley is busy watching over K.Mur, who is in a medical grad-school program at Cedar’s! Marley gets plenty of exercise, attends obedience class, plays with friends, and more!

So… sorry for staying away, but we are coming back and going strong. Blogging isn’t our best attribute, but we’re trying!! Thanks for your support and love!! Keep the comments, suggestions, and requests coming!!


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