About Us

We are a collaborative effort between creatives that hope to bring fun videos, clips, podcasts, and topics of various natures and genres more into the light!

Ed ~ Sports Editor for LA Times

Tea ~ Filmmaker/Writer/Director

Sarah ~ Beauty Products + Themed Photographer

Moon ~ Twitch.tv Streamer & Post Sound Editor

J.J. ~ Executive Producer of China VTV + Producer/Director

Chris ~ Writer/Artist in Animation and VLogger

Michelle ~ Themed Entertainment Arts + Stylist

We have a few major groupings within our small pod of team members.

Ed + Tea are the main co-hosts of CoTangent, the podcast. #cot_agents

Tea has branched off to make another podcast called Umbrella Thoughts and this podcast features Moon, Chris, and Michelle on it. #umbrellathoughts

As of now, most of our videos on our Youtube channel are reaction videos because they’re fun, easy, and quite educational. The team’s not ignorant, but they’re also not all-knowing, so please be patient with them! Leave some comments, suggestions, and feedback as much as you like! Tea wanted to share K-pop with her American friends… and that’s how it happened. #mvreactions

There are more projects in the works, soon to be released on Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, and iQiyi! Not sure where else we can put it without MASSIVE interference!

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy our content and share!! ~ rbStudios Staff

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